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This is how the Telegram scam works

Green Pass is slowly becoming mandatory for most public places, which is why some criminals have created a scam

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the tricks They are always in constant evolution and the bad guys are adapting to people’s needs in order to reach the goal. In recent days, for example, we do nothing but talk about it green pass With all the controversy in the case.

The desire to return to normal is great and thus achieve it certificate It becomes practically essential. Consider a rather large slice no vax who have no intention of succumbing to Serum, here is the alternative that can be used in cable.

Green Corridor: How does the Telegram trick work

In fact, in the well-known instant messaging application there are many channels that provide the aforementioned pass (whether in paper or digital form), this From August 6, 2021 in Italy, it will be mandatory for various activities.

Current members around 106000 Certificates Delivery of more than 1200 (data declared by managers). To get it you just need Health card, identity document, phone number, e-mail and a printout as well as a home address.

Of course this is not actually possible since getting green pass You must have made Vaccine, has undergone a smear or the ability to show a certificate of recovery from Covid.

On the other hand, people who issue these alternative permits confirm that their documents are regularly issued by European health system. Plus QR codes are turned on.

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As for costs, the digital device costs €100 while the first sheet costs €120. There are also packages for families such as: €300 for a core of 4 people and €450 for a 6-person core.

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I Payments They can be implemented in various ways, all of which are strictly untraceable. So, space Cryptocurrencies, Amazon Gift Vouchers, Zalando, PaySafeCard. Delivery times are very short: 72 hours for digital message, 5 working days for physical.

In any case, it is good to be wary of this “opportunity”. To get your hands on a real one green pass It is necessary to submit to the official procedures and not to resort to these tricks that involve mere waste Money.