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This is how pigeons work in space. Watch the video

This is how pigeons work in space. Watch the video

Samantha Cristoforetti talks about doing the least cool, but perhaps most necessary, part of the International Space Station: the space toilet

On Earth it’s easy, In a little less space. go to Toilet It’s a great little task that every astronaut should know how to tackle in orbit. In this video from the European Space Agency Samantha Cristoforetti He explains How does the bathroom work? On the International Space Station. There are two main machines. One of them gets rid of urine, and the other gets rid of astronauts’ feces. Let’s watch the video and then comment on it:

How do pigeons work in space?

To urinate, astronauts use a tube that sucks out urine and sends it to a sophisticated machine Which turns it into drinkable water. Different story about stool. In the middle of this bathroom on the International Space Station, there is actually a small bench located on top of a gray container. Around the neck of the container is a disposable bag: once the astronaut’s feces are collected, it is sealed and thrown into the container.

Frame of video. Credit: European Space Agency

good education

Among other things, after using the toilet, every good astronaut must not only close the bag, but also prepare a new one for the next person who uses it. In theory, the seat you see in the video just serves to make everything more comfortable for the astronauts. Samantha Cristoforetti But he said that some people prefer to raise it without sitting, then close it after finishing. The container containing the bags is emptied approximately every ten days.


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