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This is how Moscow is trying to influence the upcoming elections

This is how Moscow is trying to influence the upcoming elections

After Qatargate, a new corruption scandal may hit the European Parliament: several MPs, according to what Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo revealed, will participate in a round of hidden financing coming from Russia with the aim of influencing the upcoming European elections in June. This revelation comes after his Czech counterpart, Peter Fiala, announced the closure of the news website Voice of Europe: According to the Prague authorities, this information portal would have served Moscow to influence European politics, while a journalistic investigation conducted by the Czech newspaper DenikinHe, who cites intelligence sources, talks about money given to politicians from six European countries, including the AfD, the German party that belongs to the League's parliamentary group in the European Parliament.

At the moment, no names have emerged, but the findings of Czech investigators would have led to investigations in half of Europe, specifically in Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Hungary. According to the Dutch newspaper Ncr, Voice of EuropeAlthough it is based in the Czech Republic, its roots go back to the Netherlands, thanks to an entrepreneur who financed its activities for several years, before selling his shares. This businessman, secondly NcrHe allegedly collaborated with far-right leader Thierry Baudet in 2016 to hold a referendum against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (an initial agreement for Kiev to seek EU membership).

The true god before the machine Voice of EuropeToday, Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk is among Russia's staunchest supporters in his country and is considered a member of Vladimir Putin's magic circle. Based on what has happened so far, if the site was on the one hand publishing articles critical of the EU whether regarding the Green Deal or immigration, as well as supporting Kiev, then on the other hand it would have been used to pay money. Politicians across Europe. The system was simple: politicians would be interviewed for a fee. Among the excellent interviewees there will be representatives of the National Rally, the French party led by Marine Le Pen, Vlaams Belang (the far-right party that leads in the opinion polls in Belgium), but also the main candidate of the AfD in the elections. European Elections, Maximilian Krah. The fact that these politicians were interviewed does not mean that they received money from Moscow.

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Investigations are underway in 7 European countries, and so far no politician has received official charges. But in Brussels they are sure that names will emerge sooner or later. The scandal could have an impact on the upcoming European elections and on future alliances after the vote.

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