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This euro banknote will soon be gone: that’s the way it is

This euro banknote will soon be gone: that’s the way it is

The currency of society undoubtedly changed the “face” of coins and banknotes but also and above all their value, which was finalized and standardized for all European countries, a process that required several years of adaptation, also because the euro in turn was “modified” in the various forms of banknotes and coins.

This euro banknote will soon be gone: that’s the way it is

In just over 20 years, in fact, the forms of paper money in particular have already changed their appearance about 10 years ago, with the introduction of a second series of European banknotes that gradually replaced, from 2012 onwards, precisely those of the first. Series, which has become popular since 2002.

The new versions differ in more advanced anti-counterfeiting security systems, while keeping the colors and characteristics identical, and significantly modifying their aesthetics.

However it is easy to notice another fundamental difference between the first and second series called EuropeIndeed, the 500 euro denomination, the “largest” in the absolute sense, is absent in the latter denomination.

The reason for the end production of this problem was highlighted by the European Central Bank itself, since the monetary denomination recognizable by its largest size and purple color was considered useful above all for illegal activities as it allowed in practice to move large amounts of money in a small space, Which facilitates phenomena such as money laundering.

All this contrasted with increasingly strict monetary control policies. With the second 500 series euro They are no longer printed by European countries, even if those in circulation continue to hold their value forever, and so they can be converted into other denominations.

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With the imminent development of the third series of European banknotes, a process that will begin in 2024, it is also very likely that the 200 euro note will be the next to be “avoided” from a production point of view, for the same reason that has been highlighted for that of the 500 euro.