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Thirteen comes and grows: what is it?

Thirteen comes and grows: what is it?

Here comes the long-awaited Thirteenth, Christmas wages paid to most employees. This year is almost back to normal, after the tragic crash of 2020, anddose shocking for the global economy.

What is the thirteenth in 2021: all numbers

In 2021, the total amount should reach 43.7 billion euros, more than 360 million from last December. Although it is still at least 1.2 billion less than the numbers that preceded the pandemic.

More than 35 million Italians will take 13th place, including retirees and employees, with an average amount greater than 1.200 euro Online.

Recovery, however, has begun. This new cash injection is expected to result in purchases of 21 billion euros Until the end of the holiday, or 2.7 billion more than last year.

How will the Italians spend the thirteenth

Estimation is carried out by Confesercenti on the basis of a survey swg, which highlights how most of the amount of thirteenth Italians will go to consumption, in Family and household expenses.

Italians will spend approximately 15.7 billion euros on this category, an increase of 27.4% over last year, about 3.3 billion euros. In 2020, the same item recorded a decrease of 3.4 billion euros.

Below that, it will end up with 12.5 billion euros savings, an increase of almost 1 billion from 2020 and 2.1 billion more than in 2019. The pandemic has made Italians more aware.

On the other hand, the percentage of allocated funds gifts To put it under the tree, about 5.4 billion euros, that’s allotted instead Accounts to be paid, down by about 3 billion.

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Why over thirteen and what are the concerns?

The increase is due to the resumption of work after the halt imposed by the epidemic, the measures to contain the infection, and the consequent decrease in the indebtedness. For Confesercenti it is “a promising sign”.

However, there is no shortage of elements to worry. It’s exactly the sound that relates to savings Which confirms it state of uncertainty Which Italians found themselves in, due to the extension of the state of emergency and the prolonged duration of the epidemic.

For this, Confesercenti asserts, “It is necessary confidence syringe. We rush on quart doses And let us articulate the horizon of the hypothesis of new restrictions that would further deteriorate the climate and place a mortgage on the ongoing recovery.”

Speaking of this topic, Here are the transfer dates and time of arrival e Here because the thirteenth is at risk for workers who do not have a green pass. We talked to you Here is how much tax will be charged on this monthly salary.