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North Koreans secretly look at him under the covers, that’s why

popularity squid game You don’t need to explain. Show has been watched for more than 1.6 billion hours before you become it Netflix show The most popular of all.

But what do North Koreans think of the South Korean giant? Un Government Spokesperson From the country recently denounced squid game As proof that capitalism doesn’t work (via CNN), though that didn’t stop ordinary citizens from enjoying the show’s drama.

according to resident north korean, squid gameIt managed to enter the country on memory storage devices such as USB flash drives and SD cards, which are smuggled by ship and make their way illegally“.

Talk to a US-funded radio service Radio Free Asia, the insider claimed that the North Koreans are standing Watch Squid secretly Game “Under the covers at night on their portable media players‘, in an effort to avoid detection by the government that strictly monitors entertainment content.

previously Squid game complaint, The speaker From North Korea, he explained that the show describes “the Trial of hundreds of people forced to live a life of hell, grappling with unbearable debts, in a brutal game where they kill each other to claim a cash prize that goes to only one winner. “

global phenomenon

within the bounds North Korea, aggressive Media censorshipPermanent restrictions on travel and poor living conditions (60% of the population live in poverty) make the reality of life for its citizens seem more like twisted world From Squid than anywhere else.

However, she talks about the different kind of popularity she has squid game Even those who live in countries that ban its broadcasts are keen to imitate it.

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In the Recent data published As part of Netflix’s revised viewer measurements, viewership says audiences have spent more than 182,000 cumulative years watching the show. Hwang Dong Hyuk only in the beginning four weeks since its release.

for context, Bridgeton, which is the second most popular title in Netflix, he gathered less than half of the grand total.