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They are searching for the missing four

They are searching for the missing four

At 9 p.m., at the historic center of Afracola, a building collapsed across the Giovanni Siaramella. Carabinieri, firefighters, police and 118 ambulances are on site. The search for the missing is underway. The building, which is officially uninhabited and enclosed, has recently become an occasional night residence for non-EU citizens.

Four people may have been missing in the roll call at this time. Residents of nearby buildings heard loud screams before collapsing. The road, which had already been affected by two potholes in recent weeks, was occupied by debris.

The site also includes African Mayor Antonio Bannon and Deputy Mayor Piaggio Castaldo. “As this is an unused building and being renovated, there is no definite information on the whereabouts of those missing under the rubble, but firefighters are doing all the necessary checks. It is doubtful he could have inhabited anyone illegally on that premises,” said Mayor Bunnon.

The building adjacent to the collapsed building was removed for safety reasons.

“Restoration of Dignity and Security to the Historical Center”

“New Year’s, old collapse … another collapse in the center of Afracola. We are still trying to understand whether it was ‘inhabited’ by some homeless people or drowned by the rubble by some passersby.

The solution is certainly not easy, but it is unacceptable that a definite ‘path’ to restoring dignity and security to the ancient part of Afrocola has not yet been launched. We talked for a while. More time “, writes Antonio Iacetta, councilor of Afracola.

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