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Covit: Lazio, Veneto, Sardinia and Sicily are already in the Yellow Zone - Chronicle

Covit: Lazio, Veneto, Sardinia and Sicily are already in the Yellow Zone – Chronicle

Rome, 21 July 2021 – Top four regions Yellow Zone. There is pressure on Conflict with government for review The parameters for applying “colors” to the region are, with the current law, already four – Lazio, Veneto, Sardinia and Sicily – Yellow zone controls must be matched. With Rise of infectious diseases All four regions have exceeded their quota in the last few days 50 week cases for one lakh people, The door that leaves the white part to end in yellow.

The Lazio In particular, with the strong growth of cases in the last week (Four times as many in Rome cases), Reaching 54 cases per lakh. The Veneto, With events of 54.5 per lakh, and Sicily, 56.5 per lakh. However, this has a very high incidence Sardinia, 64.4 per lakh. Three weeks ago they all had 10 cases per lakh, even less.

No other region has come close to 50 cases, but some are over 30 and have not taken refuge with the current growth rate. Risk of further deterioration: The Tuscany 34.3, Umbria 31.7, The Province of Trento Up to 30.3. It’s not that annoying yet Lombardy, Which stands at 26.3. However, things will change if you look at the enrollment data, and a new parameter has been proposed to “color” the meaning of the comparison between regions and government.

Waiting for the government’s decision on the matter, which will take place tomorrow, July 21 – or, according to sources in the administration, Thursday evening, if more time is needed for the interim period related to the new legal order – terapie serious For example, in Veneto Lazio 3%, Sicily 3.3%, Sardinia 1.4%. One of the hypotheses in the table is precisely that the yellow zone is triggered when it exceeds 5%, while the “red” risk threshold is triggered with 30%.

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Currently the number of intensive care units in the four regions “from yellow” is avoided Danger of leaving the white zone Always keep in mind that those admitted to the hospital will be following the infection for several days as they are already using the monitoring data of this Friday. In any case, the key factor is attached Vaccines, Currently the only components capable of mitigating the outbreak of infections and, above all, reducing the risks of hospital admission and the need for intensive care.

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