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There is still hope, revelation

There is still hope, revelation


The relationship between the Turkish actor and the host of Dazen will not end yet

Could Yaman and Diletta Lotta stay together or did they break up? This is the question many are asking themselves these days. After the trip to Turkey, where the Sicilian presenter met the actor’s family, the two never appeared together again. A deafening silence on social media. Not only that: He couldn’t attend Dilita’s birthday party, who turned 30. Absence that caused quite a stir.

But according to the weekly Di Più Tv, Looks like the relationship isn’t over yet Absolutely and it seems that there is still hope. “Delita and I were really close and serious. They are true love. And even if there were some misunderstandings and they are now far away, their story couldn’t have ended like this,” A source close to the couple told the magazine, which is published in Cairo.

So the separation between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta will be true more than ever, but the 31-year-old and presenter can solve their problems. Of course, for sure. Distance doesn’t help. These days, Leotta is back in Sicily for a few relaxing days with family and friends while Yeman gets busy with work.

Can Yemen’s new star of Italian imagination

The Daydreamer and Mr Wrong star is preparing for her new TV role. In September it will be on the new fantasy filming location Purple like the sea next to Francesca Chelmy. The two actually worked together on the final season of “God Help Us” and immediately established a certain feel. And for the first time, then, Can will act in Italian.

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So an important challenge for the Turks who are preparing at best. He was recently spotted in Rome, where he rented an apartment. Diletta Lotta, who lived in Milan for some time, had to move here too, but Coexistence has not yet fully begun.

There is still hope for Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta Or all is lost? For now, those interested directly prefer Leave no comment In this regard, which leaves in a state of suspense many fans who are eagerly awaiting a sign, nod or a small gesture. Time will tell…