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Pension reform / quota 100, assessment of leave time

Pension reform / quota 100, assessment of leave time

Pension reform, the assumption of social monkey extension reminds us that one of the post-100 quota hypotheses regarding pension reform is to extendsocial monkey, which would “extend to a wider audience of subjects; revised entry requirements; faster and more streamlined application and admission procedures for beneficiary taxpayers”. However, it must be specified that “these are only hypotheses, which the government and the social partners are still discussing, in order to reach a solution as soon as possible (or at least by the end of the year)”. It should also be remembered that the maximum monthly amount for Ape Social is 1,500 euros without reassessment.

Evaluation upon arrival for a fee of 100

On, on the other hand, insignificant details are called out regarding the Quota 100. “If you think this is the last useful year to reach the pension with Quota 100, you are wrong,” reads an article by Simone Micocci, who He emphasizes how December 31, 2021 represents “the last useful date for entitlement to this early retirement option. However, completing the requirements by the current year does not mean that you have to rush when applying for retirement. This is due to the so-called principle of crystallization of the right to pension. This Provides that when you meet the requirements the retirement The worker’s entitlement is not subject to any expiry date.” Thus, if a person reaches the quota requirement of 100 this year, he can also decide to retire in 2022 with a higher allowance.

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