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There is also Italy represented by D-Orbit

There is also Italy represented by D-Orbit

The year 2023 began for space with the launch of 114 satellites from 23 countriesincluding the two ion satellite carriers of the Italian D-Orbit orbit, A kind of matryoshka With dozens of other small satellites on board to be launched into orbit.

to bear the load, Starting at Cape Canaveral (Florida) was SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Which, having reached a record 61 in 2022, has been launched It aims to reach 100 in 2023.

It was to bring 114 satellites into orbit A rocket propelled by a first stage is on its fifteenth flightthe most widely used among these companies Elon Musk. Carrying a GPS navigation satellite, which debuted in June 2020, it returned to a vertical descent shortly after liftoff.

The 114 satellites were launched in separate moments, starting just over an hour after launch.

Among them is also ion satellite carriers, A satellite platform developed by the Italian company based in Vino Murnasco, province of Como, which has the dual role of acting as a “distributor” of small satellites and at the same time testing new technologies. SpaceX’s next launch is scheduled for Sunday, January 8thwith a group of 40 satellites from the OneWeb constellation for Internet communications.

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