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Then the coach slapped him to wake him up

The spectators were shocked by what the American boxer’s trainer Dimond Nicholson did during one of the breaks in the fight with Demetrius Andrade: when the boxer returned to the corner destroyed by the opponent’s punches, he tried to shake him with a slap.

Truly unprecedented illogical scenes stunned spectators watching last Saturday’s boxing match between Demetrius Andrade And Damon Nicholson At Capital One Arena, Washington, USA. The 34-year-old Andrade was the favorite in the match, with an impeccable record of 31 wins, and he easily lived up to expectations. The former world middleweight and middleweight champion has been making his debut at middleweight and relentlessly pummeling his opponent.

He knocked out 29-year-old Andrade Nicholson twice, first in the second round and then in the last minute of the fight, in the tenth round. However, his opponent did not give up and was able to finish the match on his feet, but he clearly lost on points, since all the referees’ cards were largely in favor of Andrade (100 to 88 the score ended in the archives).

Andrade vs nicholson fight card

Andrade vs nicholson fight card

Nothing Nicholson could do, who suffered the fifth defeat in his career (against 26 successes and 1 draw). For his part, ‘Boo Boo Andrade’ hopes this win will give him a world class shot as soon as possible: he made a sparkling appearance on the Washington circuit, returning after more than a year’s absence from the circuit. It was a fight that was never questioned, which put Nicholson’s boxing skills to a very hard test, hitting with repetitive combinations that frequently put him on the ropes and twice falling, causing him to think several times that he or his corner could throw the sponge.

Neither hypothesis occurred. In fact, everyone in his corner tried to shake Nicholson down in a really silly way, considering the number of blows he was taking. During one of the last breaks, His coach is Kenny Ellis He saw fit not to use classic pep talk, but to switch to more direct methods: So he starts slapping him literally to “wake him up”. The shock treatment he accompanied with two motivational phrases yelled at his boxer: “I wake up! It’s time for the damn fight!“.

The pictures showed that Nicholson actually looks more wasted, which is to be expected given the amount of punches he takes. The video of the boxer being slapped went viral and shocked many people, who wondered how the trainer could have adopted this ‘technique’:Damn, he actually took the punches!was the most popular comment.