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The working family, the friend who doesn't show up.  “Nothing will change with number 2” –

The working family, the friend who doesn't show up. “Nothing will change with number 2” –

Two is just a number, and Janick is right, but it allows you to do precise calculations: the Treasure Djokovic (leads by 1015 points(Accumulated when he was still the Joker and not an uncrowned king) Erodes on the clay, the barely-defended opening ground of the Miami Open champion from Monte Carlo to Paris 585 points Compared to 2315 for the Serbian (and 2265 for Alcaraz, who is in third place in the rankings with a difference). However, the first to keep the dream linked to reality is himself, Siner, the only open-air Italian construction site traveling at supersonic speed, the boy who yesterday boarded the plane from Florida to Nice, destination Monte Carlo, with the first seasonal training on his mind (Third title of 13, second masters 1000: At the Tour of Torino in three months, he scored more points, 3,900, than Ron needed to qualify for last year's Masters, 3,460) On the brick dust: “Thursday,” he announces with a big smile of his own.

work ethics

The road before the finish line: «From Indian Wells to Miami, everything is changing. I didn't start well but with each passing day I felt more comfortable and I raised my level significantly in the semi-final with Medvedev and in the final with Dimitrov. This is the thing I'm most proud of.” Work ethic, before feeling the crystal of the cup being chased away by hands three times (sly caresses, almost feeling ashamed): “Mom and dad are still working, nothing will change in the Sinner family now that I'm n. 2 In the world. We are all very normal. I care about tennis, more about life. They will continue on their way, and I will continue on my way. Maybe they will come to Monte Carlo and Rome, the most important thing is that they are fine. If I am happy, they are happy too and everything is as it is “Okay.” The group before ego and sequins: “The coaches prepare me for the matches and think about everything that I cannot reach. I'm only 22, after all».

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Italy friend

Here he is, friend of Italy, The athlete who lined up half of Miami at Hard Rock Stadium, destined (“in business: only in this way results arrive” defines Yannick) with the ability to be the right man in the right place at the right time, and never mind if you never face Roger Federer will forever remain a small regret. In addition to his charisma on the field, his natural tendency to be funny off the field, when he finds himself in the center of attention embarrasses him: this happened with Spalletti National Team, with Serena Williams, with Laura PausiniPost victory on Sunday. Then Sinner becomes a shy boy again, and begins to swing on one leg and then on the other, cracking his knuckles, which he does when he doesn't know where to put his hands.

The normality of Sinner House is the antidote you should carry with you to the madness of a chaotic existence in the circle, along with Maria's friend, also in Florida, who was asked by Yannick not to appear, not to post photos together, and not to do anything to attract attention (the only exception: Milan in the Champions League at the San Siro, together, last December). It's the one topic he doesn't like to talk about: love. He noticed the social hatred unleashed by Berrettini's relationship with Melissa Satta. He fears that the defeat will be related to his private life. But Maria is there, and she has an important role. As coach Darren Cahill explains: “Each of us contributes to Yannick's well-being as a man and as a player. “No one was left out.”

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7-month shift

Miami is a windy and wet transformation piece In place for seven months, he himself traces the change of gear to Toronto, August 2023, the Master 1000 that opened the operations already underway, in his head (“This victory helped me on a mental level: I remember feeling good but there was no time to enjoy” Nothing, the next day I was already In Cincinnati, and the next day I was playing a tournament again”), in the body (“My biggest improvement is physical: I don't like the gym but I understand its value because now I can”). To be on the field for hours without getting down his level”), in technique (“the serve has improved a lot,” especially the second ball). In the American swing, in addition to his exceptional striking skills, he was amazed by the meticulous preparation of matches, from Kokkinakis in the second round of Indian Wells to the final in Miami, thanks to the synergy of the current coach (Cahill). And the absent coach (Fanozzi returns from Monte Carlo), and who knows what would have happened in California if Yannick had not been accused. He retreated in the semi-finals with AlcarazBut it's definitely not worth getting into talking about spilled milk.

The sinner has already passed (“When I move to clay, I always struggle a little, we'll see, but everything will be different: we'll start from scratch”), aware of the revolution it imposes on tennis that had remained almost stagnant during the Immortals' three decades (“If I said I expected all this, I would be “False. But beating Djokovic twice between Torino and Davis meant a lot to me. The off-season was excellent: I've gained confidence and progressed with me in 2024”), ready not to exaggerate when defeat knocks on his door: “There are players who like to celebrate for a long time After success. I am not like that. Knowing that I will be back to work soon to better myself is the only plan that makes me feel good.”

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Cahill – It is clear that after two years he loves him like a son – Ask not to make comparisons. Janick writes the story himself, certainly not to outdo Pietrangeli and Panatta, nor to imitate them The big threeOr what's left of it. The Australian coach in Miami said: “I do not think it is right to compare the new generation, Yannick, Alcaraz and Ron, to Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. We will never see such complete and ultimate domination again. We need to give these kids time to establish themselves, find their place in tennis, and gain their experience. Yannick respects everyone but is not afraid of anyone.”

The Monte Carlo draw is born on FridayThe third Master 1000 of the season. Pending the inevitable overtake, Sinner will be ranked No. 1. 2 behind Djokovic. Another red dawn has been heralded around the world.