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Days of access to news of the fifth edition on the Internet from 20 to 22 May

Days of access to news of the fifth edition on the Internet from 20 to 22 May

“We called it the accessibility game because it is simple and attractive like the game and creates a challenge for yourself, to be perceived as an important moment for growth. There are sites and applications, even internationally, that are of very high quality: we ask these companies to participate and verify, through our experts, which If high quality also corresponds to high accessibility, then this is not excluded. The group of users with disabilities is often forgotten. “
The project is ambitious, and the goal more than that, for the inaugural event of the fifth edition of the Accessibility Days, the largest Italian event on accessibility and inclusion of digital technologies (
Scheduled for May 20, 21 and 22, online due to Covid for the second year in a row, it targets developers, designers, makers, creatives, content publishers and all people involved in digital technologies, not least the world. With distance learning it was bound to revolutionize traditional teaching methods.
The event is organized on the occasion of the Global Accessibility Awareness Days (GAAD), an event promoted worldwide in May to raise the awareness of digital technology participants on the issue of accessibility and inclusion through comparison and interaction with persons with disabilities.

the program
The conference program is very rich: from work to school, from art to home automation, from inclusive tourism to spoken mathematics, to social networking.
Historic collaboration with Rai Accessibility was reaffirmed, in which it proposed a meeting on “RAI and Uffizi Galleries: New Forms of Museum Accessibility”. Whereas, exclusively for National Panorama, Microsoft’s team from the US and UK will introduce a system to orient yourself thanks to the 3D technology. Also an exceptional speaker from Silicon Valley with the session moderated by the Facebook Accessibility Team.
From work to sport: “Access to reflection,” highlighted the SuperAbile Inail and Ferrari handicap call center experience with Scuderia Ferrari Club Riga and the “holistic car enthusiast experience”.
The school is on top with “Italian university sites for accessibility testing”, “Online teaching in an accessible and effective way” and “inclusive education and communication accessible through voice pens”.
Then storytelling, music and audio games in a three-day event that will also see the presence of writer Iacopo Milio, who will be tasked with making conclusions on Saturday evening on the topic of “Inclusivity, Diversity and Accessibility”, also in a dedicated panel center.

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Authors’ comments
“These months of the pandemic – explains Sauro Chesaretti, Vice President of Uici Ancona – assured us how much technology can make us overcome even astronomical distances: were it not for the Internet, the isolation that Covid forced us on would have been more torn. “We can communicate, work and study in a situation we have never seen before. We also tested it with our own hands in the latest version: the online version of Accessibility Days attracted more than 800 members from all over Italy against the 100 that we registered in attendance.”
“We had to abandon live events but not all was lost, on the contrary – Stefano Ottaviani asserts -: The network allowed us to amplify our messages, and today it is more stable because the tools that present us on the Internet that are now part of the journal should be able to For everyone to use it Thursday May 20th with the Accessibility game and we’re the first to take the challenge. “

All event sessions are also available for the deaf thanks to the Italian Sign Language translation and translation system.

Training credits
An opportunity for teachers to gain credits is expected on the SOFIA platform.