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The upcoming mortgage and rent bonus in 2024, who is eligible for it and how much

The upcoming mortgage and rent bonus in 2024, who is eligible for it and how much

between New for 2024 Figure possibility for employers to recognize a Bonus Through which employees are compensated for the costs incurred for this Rent or mortgage costs From the first verse.

What’s called Rent or mortgage bonus It falls within the more general group of so-called fringe benefits, that is, a welfare instrument through which a series of goods and services are provided to the employee in addition to the regular salary.

They are part of Marginal benefitFor example, a car or company accommodation, and for several years this has also included payment of household electricity, gas and water supply bills.

In this regard, the 2024 Budget Law intervenes by expanding the list of additional benefits, also including rent and mortgage expenses (but only in relation to… interest rate) and raising the exemption limit.

In fact, one of the most important innovations in 2024 lies precisely in the fact that the threshold within which fringe benefits are not taxed increases for workers with children and those without children, while this year the exemption concerns only workers first.

So let’s analyze New bonus action For rent and mortgage (very useful given the significant increase in interest rates recorded in this recent period) which explains what is what requirements me too Amount limits Who would have the right to do so?

What mortgage and rent bonus arrives in 2024

Article 6 of the 2024 Budget Law, which will be voted on in the Senate these days, stipulates that limited to the tax period of 2024, the employer will have the possibility to compensate the employee not only for the costs incurred for providing light, gas or water, but also for Costs of renting a first home And for the lonely Mortgage interest Related to the main residence.

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Therefore, for those living in rental, the refund is calculated based on the monthly rent; However, for mortgages, it is not the entire installment that can be paid, but only the interest rate.

I have the right to do so all employeesbut only if the company wants it: it’s actually a good idea to remember that It is up to the employer to decide Whether to take advantage of the possibility provided by the government by giving employees a bonus that is entirely within a certain amount remains to be seen Tax-free.

Mortgage bonus, rent and income limits in 2024

Usually, with regard to fringe benefits, the tax exemption limit is set at 258.23 euros. However, the government has for years focused on this tool to incentivize companies to support their workers’ incomes in a period when high inflation has led to… A clear decline in the value of the currency Of wages.

In this regard, after the tax exemption on fringe benefits was allocated only to workers with children in 2023, in 2024 we return to a more general system with New thresholds It seems you:

  • 1.000 euros For all employees;
  • 2.000 euros For those who have dependent children, their income is therefore up to 2,840.51 euros in the case of people under 24 years of age, and 4,000 euros for those 24 years of age or older.


    This applies to all additional benefits (listed here), with the addition of a bonus for electricity, gas, water bills and – absolutely new for 2024 – expenses incurred for rent or mortgage interest. However, this has not been confirmed For 2024 ( at least for now ) petrol bonus offered by employers, for which a Limit of 200 euros per yearso there is time Until January 12, 2024 To exchange.
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Mortgage and rent bonus, what the worker has to do

As expected, it is the employer who has the final say as to whether the employee can be granted A PaymentTax-free 1.000 s 2.000 euros (annual limit), expenses incurred for rent on the first home or mortgage interest on the main home.

But this does not mean that the worker does not have to do anything: in the meantime, as stated in Article 6 of the 2024 Budget Law, it is still the worker’s duty to declare to the employer that he is entitled to a bonus increase of up to 2,000 euros. Refers to the tax code for children.

Moreover, but in this regard, we will have to wait for the INPS circular with all the necessary clarifications, it will be mandatory Submitting documents Which justifies the provision of payment, without prejudice to the possibility of self-declaration.