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The United States urgently needs investments in infrastructure, not electricity

The United States urgently needs investments in infrastructure, not electricity

At a time of high inflation in service spending, the United States should instead focus on goods and assets that are as solid as possible.

It also highlights Apollo management The United States has a major infrastructure aging problem, with the average age of roads and energy infrastructure doubling since 1990.

administration Biden Harris I have repeatedly talked about the need to electrify the US mobility system, by installing new car charging networks, but there is a problem: How can we talk about electrifying infrastructure when its average age is so high?

If the interstate system is now going through its years, as it was designed During the Roosevelt era They were particularly implemented in the 1960s, with the first structures erected starting in 1956, and the electricity network saw significant renewal in the 1970s and 1980s.

However, it is clear from the graph that after 1990, after the privatization drive, there were no significant investments and the two networks gradually became obsolete.

The electrification of networks will also require modernization of these infrastructures, but where to find capital that has practically not been invested in forty years? But paradoxically, this type of investment would make it possible to correct inflation in the United States, which is associated with excessive spending on services, rather than on goods, which are suffering from deflation.

But it is clear that this will not satisfy Biden's electoral base because it will also require work, and as we know, as they say in Italy, work is tiring.