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Addio tredicesima

It takes her away from all these categories

Some categories of retirees have to say goodbye to the thirteenth. INPS innovation that left you literally speechless.

Thirteenth Farewell –

there Thirteen in retirement It’s a feature that belongs to many people, but now with INPS news, we find ourselves having to account for it in our pockets. Less money for the thirteenth farewell to a large group of taxpayers.

Thirteenth in retirement, what’s up?

Thirteenth month salary pension plus Which belong to more than 16 million retirees. Survivor’s pension recipients and other special categories are also included.

Usually, as well as for employees, it is paid with the retirement slip or separately during December month.

Retirees in the garden
Pensioners at

Among other things, payments are always made before the Christmas holidays so that the pensioner can draw from this nest egg to give gifts, take a vacation or simply get extra money for some Payments due. The amounts are not fixed but are variable and refer to a monthly payment: it can be defined as a small gift that arrives once a year for Retirees and workers.

early retirement
Early retirement-

There is a modernity shaken Some categories of retirees Those who find themselves no longer receive this monthly payment. Thirteenth farewell to whom?

Thirteenth farewell to these categories

Thirteenth farewell to all who decided to request early retirement, usingSocial Environmental Protection Agency. A scale offers many advantages on the one hand, while on the other hand you find yourself with reductions in the amount. Its disadvantages also include the impossibility of getting the thirteenth place at the end of the year.

In fact, the Social Environmental Protection Agency is designed to help some citizens leave the world of work before they meet the requirements to receive old-age pensions. It can take up to 63 years and a social APE is received until He is 67 years oldwith the transition to the classic old-age pension.

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Farewell to the thirteenth retiree
Farewell to the thirteenth retiree-

I was Designed for the unemployed who stayed home after laying off, terminating an employment contract, or resigning for a valid reason. Among those who are entitled to it, there are also workers who have had to help a family member with serious disabilities (more than 74%) for more than six months.

To the category added I Workers with 36 years of contributions At least that they have practiced a difficult profession, for at least seven years. In short, the list of deserving people is long, from health technicians to nursery teachers and even owners of ovens or mills.

The measure of these benefits provides the possibility of retirement at least four years before retirement. much me Benefitsbut among the shortcomings we can not mention the failure to give up the thirteenth at the end of the year.

One of the necessary requirements is not to exceed the limit imposed by himCheck 1500 Euro with performance Payable for 12 months. Thirteenth is paid only when the basic requirements for old age are met.