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The Sun, a giant coronal hole appeared on its surface

The Sun, a giant coronal hole appeared on its surface

Images collected by instruments Solar Dynamics Observatory (Sdo) from NASA showing a Giant coronal hole On the surface of the sunAccording to what I reported It will measure approx 800 km At the point of maximum opening. Training has become very visible since then Early December It is now actually moving (due to the Sun’s rotation) in the opposite direction to the Earth’s direction.

what is he talking about

coronal holes, Noah explains (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), they can appear at any time on the surface of the Sun, even if their composition in reality normally produces More frequent during moments of minimum in the solar activity cycle. The most stable are usually those that form at one of the poles, which can then expand to also include latitudes closer to the equator. But coronal holes can also form in other regions of the solar surface independently of “polar” coronal holes.

These formations are visible at wavelengths ofExtreme ultraviolet rays (Euv, extreme ultraviolet rays), and appear as dark spots because they are areas Cooler and less dense than the surrounding surface. These are regions where local magnetic fields “open” outward, so to speak, allowing the solar wind to escape more quickly into interplanetary space. In fact, very persistent coronal holes (which can last beyond the Sun’s full rotation period, which corresponds to 27 Earth days) are often the culprit. High-speed solar windWhich in turn can generate temporary geological storms.

What we know about the ‘new’ coronal hole

The newly formed hole is located more or less atThe sun’s equator. It became very visible from the beginning of December and around December 4th its hole was pointing towards Earth. First the experts They expected Possible geomagnetic storms of weak to moderate intensity On December 4 and 5, with possible repercussions on the operation of some communications systems. However, as stated Life ScienceSo far the solar wind has revealed itself Weaker than expected The geomagnetic storms showed weak intensity.

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