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The ruthless attack by a businessman on the state [VIDEO]

The entrepreneur’s harsh attack on the state with regard to taxes: “This is how much money the entrepreneur has to pay to the government.”

The economic situation in Italy is certainly not the simplest, and we have to add to this a tax issue that worsens the public picture even more. And the entrepreneur directly on social media assesses the situation and above all the amount that the company should give to the state on the gross profit. Let’s say these are important and worrying numbers and that’s why we need to change the speed.

In this video the entrepreneur attacks the tax situation (TikTok video screenshot)

I want to show you a very simple example – The protagonist said in the video – We are talking about a sandwich shop, a very simple activity. Now I show you the revenue of this company: a little more than 175 thousand. So it equals 126 thousand. These are the profits: 48 thousand euros. But how much of this money should we give to the state? 38 thousand euros. He has exactly less than 12 thousand euros a year left, just over 800 euros a month“.

Entrepreneur: “It is normal for entrepreneurs to decide to invest abroad”

This is what the entrepreneur said in this video about why young people are traveling abroad (TikTok video screenshot image)

As the entrepreneur mentioned in this video how “The entrepreneur has his own expenses, but he must pay 38 thousand euros out of 48. I’m showing you a simple tax return from an entrepreneur with a small business. That’s what I have to say to anyone that quits. But how do we want to work in Italy if there are standard taxes. It’s normal that men who want to get dressed do it outside“.

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These are important and worrying numbers The recent economic problems caused by the epidemic have further exacerbated the situation. For this reason, government intervention is needed to try to help companies and try to increase employment. A fundamental change of pace to try to look to the future with more confidence.

Below is the video with the full data of the person concerned and of course also the numbers we showed you earlier: