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School Year Begins: Returning to Class Without Masks After 2 Years  But thousands of teachers are in short supply, not even supportive ones

School Year Begins: Returning to Class Without Masks After 2 Years But thousands of teachers are in short supply, not even supportive ones

In school without Mask, for the first time in two years. This is the big news for the 2022/2023 academic year, which will be the last to be opened by the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi. They go back to the courtroom 2,690,202 students Inside PiedmontLombardy, VenetoTrentino, Friuli Venezia GiuliaAbruzzo and Basilicata. Another 4,886,038 students will be behind desks by next Monday. The first to leave were the little ones from childhood Trentino At the same time, students are the last to step into the classroom Sicily And Valle d’AostaThe date marked in red on the calendar is the 19th. The week ends with the holidays for children (13th) and “peers” from Campania. LiguriaMarche, UmbriaMollis, PugliaCalabria and Sardinia They will meet the teachers and professors again on the 14th. However, on the 15th, it was the turn of the Emilians, Tuscans and Lazio. A different start to the year, because the government’s objective is to write – Northern cloud Sent to school heads from Viale Trastevere – to ensure attendance Balance and predict minimal impact Mitigation measures On school activities. A departure with the Minister’s announcement – was also made Radio24 Last Friday – “Let’s start a school year with no teacher shortage right now.” trade unions They say that 50,000 differently-abled persons are to be appointed as a part Delays Regional School Offices, In Algorithm errors, completed rankings. But let’s get to the points.

The school year starting today has 7,576,240 students divided into 366,310 classes. Most guys are Secondary The second degree is 2,729,852, which follows First of all with 2,370,989 children; 1,633,878 middle school children and finally up to childhood, 841,521 students are enrolled. In high school, 51% of students are in high schools; 31.8% are for technicians and only 17.1% are for professionals. There are 298,490 “premini” in high schools: most of them sit on benches. Science (74.132) and at address Applied Science of the same school (52,733). 39,998 Tel Linguistics; 36,636 are visiting high school for the first time Human Sciences; 32,082 out of Centaram; 31,161 candidates have been selectedArt And lastly the Dance music (3,767 premini) and the European / International (Initially 2,220 boys). to professionalOn the other hand, 77,786 sectors were the primary ones of the new system and 4,543 were registered in the “Services” sector besides 1,043 in the handicrafts sector.

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Students with disabilities
more than 290 thousand They are students with disabilities (most of them in Lombardy 50,353; Campania 31,659; Sicily 29,744 and Lazio 29,707). Primary is the school with the largest number of certified children (110,060), with 84,003 in high school, 76,475 in middle school and finally 19,551 in early childhood. The ministry is yet to announce the official numbers Special teachers But in support in the classroom Ernesto Siriasi, head of the Special Support Teachers movement is already able to take stock: “Unfortunately, the ‘alternative’ evil on support has not yet been defeated. Suffice it to say that even these days thousands of amputees in various parts of Italy must be called upon for support. Passed the rankings. Let’s talk about 7 thousand chairs insult That is, as an alternative that does not guarantee the much desired artificial continuity. It is necessary to streamline the very slow bureaucratic procedures related to support competition and increase the number of training slots for the next support TFA”. In the last contest, 5,389 seats remained unsupported due to lack of candidates. The coordination of special teachers is well aware of this and communicated Ilfattoquotidiano.itSpeaking of “An Italian A Double speedThis leaves students without support, especially in the North, and University They crowd out specials whose ranks are already full. Worse still, the ministry hires more than 60% of its employees annually with contempt, systematically ignoring the rights of the disabled. Training course Unitary and StructuredIt involves a continuous relationship between the learner and the teacher Hinge The basis of every success”.

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“Now we are starting again in an academic year where there is no shortage of teachers. We are testing everyone Regional School OfficesWe are very much looking forward to all of them Proceduresstock calls and additional calls “. This is the mantra of Minister Bianchi at this hour. Words denied by the trade unions: there is nothing to agree with the professor from Ferrara. Responding to the minister is the secretary of the CISL school. Ivana Barbasi: “Before the commencement of lessons, giving recommendations in the role of teachers from the ranks of ordinary competitions has not yielded results as expected by the Ministry – he explains. – On 94 thousand authorized locations We are rarely covered 40% So this year we will have to resort to around 50 thousand replacements lasting till August 31st and at least 150 thousand replacements lasting till June 30th, which is now a historical fact. Beyond good intentions, for the umpteenth time the ministry has not met its target of resuming lessons with stable staff. Data confirmed by colleague Marcello PacificoChairmanAnif: “No supporting teachers: one out of two missing; 91 thousand people are dangerous in degraded places; Finally 20 thousand teachers did not attend Extraordinary competition and were excluded from the final ranking due to lack of approved seats; The 40,000 covid workers who have worked in the past two years will not be there. But not only. Acknowledging that the transition is far from over, in many cities, classrooms remain empty as office procedures grind to a halt. TO meadow, for example, during the annual professorial assignment, tasks were interrupted by an algorithmic problem; Rome has fifteen to twenty teachers per school and many schools have already foreseenReduced hours; to do Naples It will start with 2 thousand missing teachers.

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Covid rules
The first thing to say is that face masks can no longer be made mandatory. Only in elementary and middle school for co-ed students Weakness The use of respiratory protective devices is advised and the evaluation of individualized strategies based on that. Risk profile. At the school gate, the fever But students are not allowed to stay in school with a temperature higher than 37.5 ° e symptoms Like covid. The rule still applies Open windows. People who test positive for Sars-CoV-2 are susceptible to the disease Backup measurement. Returning to school requires a negative test result (molecular or antigenic) at the end of isolation. Another innovation: according to the decree of last July 26, “The school director must request the competent authorities (preventive departments of Asl and Arba) to carry out preliminary measures. monitoring of Air quality and identify the most effective solutions to be adopted in accordance with these guidelines. Based on the results of the above process, the Principal requests the owner of the building to take action for implementation. interventions Necessary as per the provisions of the present law “. Farewell instead Integrated digital teaching: No parent can claim it anymore.