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The right to an abortion is at risk in the United States

The right to an abortion is at risk in the United States

The presence of a majority of conservative judges raises concerns about the worst in terms of abortion rights in the United States.

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We have a very useful counterweight to conservatives on the Supreme Court. 6 out of 9,” Luc Laliberte reported on LCN on Sunday.

This flaw is partly due to the three appointments of former US President Donald Trump in just four years.

However, in 1973, under the government of Ru F. Wade, the right to abortion was guaranteed.

The strategy in some states in recent weeks has not been to decriminalize abortion. Since 1973 we have been able to have an abortion, what we are trying to do among opponents of the right to an abortion is to restrict access, ”explains the specialist.

He did not change some states to add more difficult conditions for patients and very high demands on some medical clinics.

“What is new is that this time we are open among judges to review the decriminalization of abortion (…) I have been dealing with American politics for years and this is the first time we are also close to decriminalizing this provision,” explains El-Sayed. .Laliberte.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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