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A man can't stop playing while his house is on fire -

A man can’t stop playing while his house is on fire –

A man from Soest, Germany went to to play does not dissuade him Play Station Even when it’s almost his home caught fire There was a lot of smoke around it. So the firefighters found him, the neighbors alerted them, as one of their representatives reported.

Unfortunately, the PlayStation model used was not specified and no mention was made of which game was hunting the victim to the point of risking his life. Apparently it was a pot in which the man was cooking some bolognese sauce that caught fire. Apparently she had put it on the stove and forgot about it due to being completely immersed in it Play.

When the firefighters entered the house, wearing all safety gear to breathe and protect themselves, visibility was already reduced by the smoke, but our player didn’t seem to be bothered by that. He was so immersed that he noticed not only the smoke, but the system as well Fire alarm The arrival of the firefighters (can he play with headphones?)

He then escorted the man out of the house and happily unharmed. It is difficult to say whether he was afraid or not, because he was not aware of the situation until the end. Too bad that spoiling some of this bolognese sauce is a real crime.

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