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The PS5 SSD guarantees great benefits, but also works well on older hard drives -

The PS5 SSD guarantees great benefits, but also works well on older hard drives –

During Epic Games’ recent Q / A session with developers, the tech giant said thatUnreal Engine 5 It will have gods Benefits To exploit the technology that revolves around itPS5 SSD. The drive, however, performs “surprisingly well” when powered from a normal hard drive.

For developers Epic gamesIn fact, it was asked if the PS5 SSD Tech is supported and if its presence inside the Sony console will lead to improvements in the use of the Unreal Engine 5.

The first response, most affected by the gut, was, “It definitely helps.” The advantages, in fact, are not only related to data loading and streaming, but Kraken’s speed will help as well Texture flow. In fact, the increased I / O bandwidth will allow developers to transfer all data simultaneously without this process being visible in video games with pop-ups and items that load slower. So the main finding here is that SSD technology not only improves layer load times but also helps load high-quality assets in and out of RAM, with an overall improvement in graphic effect.


Therefore, the developers praised the SSD in general and the PlayStation 5 use in particular, but they also wanted to reaffirm how adaptable their technology is. Classic hard drives. In fact, a new UE5 demo can work surprisingly well on them.

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