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New SMS scam dumps checking accounts: whichever is it

A new fraudulent text message empties the checking account of many Italians: find out what we are talking about and how to defend yourself

Nowadays, almost every person owns a checking account, which, for various reasons, has become of the utmost importance. However, often, there are pirates and fraudsters ready to dump the deposited money. The latter cannot directly attack organizations, thus it does so with users who are often people who do not have much experience at the technical and / or technological level. In this regard, a new one has been reported in the past few hours SMS scam Passed it as an official contact before Intesa San Paulo Bank.

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Intesa Sanpaolo sms-scam, details

SMS scam
SMS scam

The methodology that the bad guys use isPhishing attack, Allowing users, unaware, to assign their data to others.

If so, it’s a short message Disguised as an official contact from the bank Intesa San Paulo Which warns of a ban on the checking account to be resolved by clicking on the attached link.

“Dear customer, access to your account has been restricted. Block your account on the following: (link). Yours sincerely, Intesa San Paulo.”

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The link then points to a fake customer area in which you must enter your private and account details, which will soon be depleted. To defend yourself, it suffices not to give credit to suspicious letters, as such communications and this modus operandi are not typical of real banks. Something has already fallen victim to the trap, you must report it police.

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