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The poles are not usable everywhere, is this a county?

The poles are not usable everywhere, is this a county?

Bastia Umbra: Be Charges (which appear active on the app) are imprisoned on a construction site.

Unusable Poles Everywhere: Reports continue of an all-Italian problem, including terminals that are inaccessible or were never activated. Here are two more reports. filetreco He answers. You can write to us at the email address [email protected]

Unusable columns: In the Umbra B Charge stall, imprisoned on a construction site, if it were a distributor…

“irrigationThank you for the work you do, I would like to point out the following situation.

a Bastia Umbra there 2 column, total 4 tricks, Jailed Inside the construction site. It’s clear in the app BeCharge Available (a new report has been opened in this regard). I absolutely do not want to cause controversy and comparisons. But the municipality will not grant permission to start construction activity Blocking access to the gas station. Matthias F.

Columns are unusable In Valle del Salto, just off the A24, the Atlas has been waiting for its activation for 8 months…

“sReport another scandal regarding the installation of charging stations. That was in October 2023 (8 months ago) When a colleague sends me some photos to tell me interesting news. Two new high-power columns From the atlas Strategically located, outside the toll booth Salto Valley On the A24 Roma Teramo. Important because express top-ups are still rare on this highway (there is only one Tesla turbocharger 40 km is fine In Carsoli). But today these columns are still stopped. Moreover, this car park is very popular, and is also used as an exchange place as well as by the clients of the hotel restaurant. They’re almost always full, and motorists have realized in recent months that those spots are available, since charging stations are inactive. how is that possible Are the activation times that long? Is it just a problem of (unjustified) bureaucratic slowness? Or is there some form boycott On the one hand, who should activate the line, but perhaps they are also in a conflict of interest because they are competitors for shipping services??. Marco Scozzafava

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Columns are unusable

Unusable columns, complete Italian stain

Answer. This revitalization in biblical times is a completely Italian problem: we have discovered it France and GermanyWhere there is no such delay. We rule out that the responsibility falls on the manager of the charging stations, who has every interest in operating them as quickly as possible To return the investment. So…on the issue of charging stations that are inaccessible (but represented as available in apps), we’re really confused. Exhibitions, markets and festivals.…Any excuse is a good excuse to take up refill space and render it unusable. This trend in top-up situations even angers some people Back to traditional engines, As he explains This letter. We’re in a country where going electric seems like an obstacle course, between charging that doesn’t work and Incentives fade In a few hours. No one lifts a finger.