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The nickname is almost comical

The nickname is almost comical

Recently US President Joe Biden Photographed by feet Shoes Details: These are two Sneakers “High stability”, designed to prevent the wearer from falling. But, poise aside, these shoes also gave the president a new nickname.

Joe Biden's sneakers

Over the past month, many Americans have noticed something odd about Joe Biden: his shoes. In fact, the President of the United States has had his feet photographed more than once Very specific sneakers.

They are black shoes, very wide sole, designed Provides maximum support to the wearer. They're called Hoga Transport, cost between 150 and 200 USD (between 140 and 185 euros) and are “ideal for stability” and “designed for maximum comfort and support during hikes or excursions”.

A post mocking Republican National Committee (RNC) Joe Biden's shoes, sneakers designed to prevent the wearer from falling

But these shoes, too Recognized by the American Podiatric Association and considered great for “foot health,” though they've given Joe Biden a new nickname and a new consistency.

From shoes to nicknames

In addition to 81-year-old Joe Biden's unusual shape and fluid movements, Oldest president in US historyHoka also did its part in giving Biden a new nickname.

According to the company, in fact, there are many advantages such as transportation facilities and “walking on air”. Why, on par with the Air Jordan, one of the most popular shoes of all time, for quite some time Biden is known as “Air Joe.”.

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While this may sound like a light-hearted social discourse, it really is An issue with real consequences, especially in a country like America. In a recent survey by ABC News/Ipsos In fact, Joe Biden is considered by 86% of Americans to be another order too old and worried about his potential decline in cognitive abilities.

Review by Joe Biden

Joe Biden has made many blunders during his time in office, and it was only recently that such blunders led to this. Diagnosis of Peripheral Sensory NeuropathyA pathology that damages the nerves of the foot.

Nevertheless, according to the reportNew York PostMany voters said they used the shoes following health problems and that they were “very comfortable, but anyway I don't want to see my president wear them”.

As if that weren't enough, the Republican National Committee (RNC) didn't miss a beat, even as allies urged Biden to “walk the short distance in front of the cameras.” A chance to make fun of the PresidentAs Biden gets off the plane, the Secret Service points out how an agent is stationed at the bottom of the stairs.

Photo credit: IPA