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"The new Vasigma site is an epitome of passion and tradition"

“The new Vasigma site is an epitome of passion and tradition”

“I think the fasigma is a true example of what Italy should be, that is, the ability to be Combining history, tradition, passion, dedication and the ability to compete at levels of excellence. Italy has not always succeeded, and not everyone has always succeeded.” This was stated by the head of the Lazio region, speaking this morning at the opening ceremony Labio 4.0 Marino Gulinelli In the plant Fasigma de Pomezia.

He added, “The great positive fact to look at is that the pandemic has changed everything in many respects: It has placed the value of life and the value of interdependence between public and private actors in the state at the center. Having too many member tubes has slowed down the effectiveness and competitiveness of our country. We understood that, to survive, the idea of ​​a country with many privileges in a fragile system was no longer a suitable model for resisting competition. Italy would have a future only if it saw itself in a large European dimension, without any condition or reservations.” Then Zingaretti recalled that two years ago “the theme was to cut health care spending.” I was president and health commissioner of Lazio, and with then-Minister Lorenzen we fought several times to say that An investment in health is not a public expenditure, but an investment in life and the economy because it produces well-being, GDP and employment“.

On Labio 4.0 he commented: “This large laboratory is located in an Italian region that excels in producing pharmaceutical exports. Thanks to the pharmaceutical sector, Lazio exported 11.5 billion euros in 2020, perhaps the highest export value of all regions of Italy. But this lab is opening up into a much tougher, stronger, and more competitive area. From 2012 to 2020, we were the number one area in terms of employment growth and business growth because we had a great season of recovery: Today 1 percent of our healthcare budget doesn’t go to banks for debt because we have a positive balance. But above all thanks to the fact that we have spent the European programming well. The governor concluded that this allowed us to invest about 320 million euros in research in Lazio and we could only have invested 1.8 billion euros in research and innovation.”

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