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Mariasol Beaulieu’s Special Wishes

Today is a very special day for Didi. In fact, the former student of Amici is 20 today: an important milestone that all fans will remember fondly. Among the many letters of good wishes that the singer received, there was also a letter by Mariasol Beaulieu, actress and presenter of the program Battiti Live, with whom she established a special relationship.

Today is a special day for Didi. former student friends 20, who went through an important turning point in the program of Maria de Filippi, which allowed him to study singing for the first time in his life and try to live this dream, carrying out Today 20 years. Although it is written everywhere on the Web that his date of birth is May 30, 2001, the singer has already indicated that it is wrong: Deddy, at the registry office Dennis Rizzi, Boy September 14.

“In the middle of the night it’s mine Christmas“, he wrote Didi On Twitter, reminding all his fans of this important anniversary. That’s why so many messages of affection reached him, and among them, there was a very special message from Mariasol Beaulieu.

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Friends: Mariasol Beaulieu writes to Didi

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Mariasol Beaulieu In fact, he posted a photo taken during this summer with Didi, writing: “happy birth day baby” and adding a red heart to the shot. The young actress, also a broadcaster live rhythms, he met the singer in Beaulieu, who was also a guest at Beaulieu’s 18th birthday celebrations.

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A special bond, thus far described as a deep friendship, although there could also be something more than that! DidiIndeed, share a story Mariasol Beaulieu Thanking her, he used these words:Thank you sweetie “.

Already this summer there were rumors of a courtship between the two, which were never confirmed. Furthermore Mariasol Beaulieu Rapper Shiva has been compared, while Didi He said he no longer wanted to talk about his private life, but only about music: what would happen between them?