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The new Super Rehabilitation Department at Verduno Hospital feels like a fitness center

The new Super Rehabilitation Department at Verduno Hospital feels like a fitness center

Tecnogym treadmills, bikes and elliptical machines, D-Wall digital mirrors, Walker View system and Prokin Balance Rehabilitation System are designed instead of TecnoBody. It looks like it’s in a private fitness center, or in a modern gym overlooking Monviso. Instead, we are in the new rehabilitation and functional recovery department at Michele Ferrero Hospital in Verduno and these advanced machines will be available to everyone, without the need for cards or subscriptions.

“Until three days ago, there were still 13 beds in these places for Covid patients – says Dr. Giancarlo Rando, head of the department he has worked in since 1999 -. Now we can finally start a new season of physiotherapy in Asl Cn2, with the aim of returning patients to Normal daily life in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time ».

There is no shortage of space: 1500 square meters, 4 modern gyms, clinics and changing rooms where the day hospital activity is guaranteed for all diseases and medical and surgical specialties: from neurodegenerative diseases to trauma, from post-heart attack post-cardiac rehabilitation. Covid. The structure can be based on the work of 6 doctors, 48 ​​physiotherapists and speech therapists, who are also interested in the various activities in the wards and in the territory, in the health houses of Alba, Bra and Canale or at home. “With this new equipment – Dr. Rando explains – we will have the opportunity to use the best technology to start faster and more effective rehabilitation courses.”

In some areas, the department is a regional excellence: “We are a reference center for patients with primary and secondary lymphedema, as well as for the prevention and treatment of enuresis.” Another feature is Fast Track Eras, this is an approach that allows for an improvement in the postoperative course, with a faster and more beneficial recovery and a significant reduction in recovery times.

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“Medicine is constantly evolving and modern natural medicine has an increasingly interdisciplinary and personal approach, capable of acting also in prevention and pre-operative treatments,” emphasized Asl Cn2’s General Manager, Massimo Viglio, and Director of Health, Mario Traina. Among the following goals is to expand the department’s functions by activating some inpatient rehabilitation beds, if the region gives us the green light. Then a rehabilitation garden was created, a kind of outdoor gymnasium using the large spaces of Verduno Hospital, in line with the “Healing Gardens” project.