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Giro d'Italia 2021, Fortunato's masterpiece on the Zoncolan: his fourteenth stage, the pink shirt stays at Bernal |  News

Giro d’Italia 2021, Fortunato’s masterpiece on the Zoncolan: his fourteenth stage, the pink shirt stays at Bernal | News

The 25-year-old from Eolo-Kometa heroically against Tratkin and Covi of Colombia closes the break in an amazing way in fourth place

Fourteenth stage of Giro d’Italia 2021 It is so legendary Zonkolan And if he wins it, he is indefatigable Lorenzo Fortunato The first to cross an incredible slope from the end in front of Jan Tratkin and Alessandro Covey. Behind them is excellent Bernal Who retains the pink jersey, even if second place in the overall classification is now Leets, with whom he started in the final part of the stage.

It starts from Cittadella and reaches the mythical Monty Zonkolan In the fourteenth stage, the masterpiece is wonderful Lucky, From the start in the dissident and lonely group that kept a very high tempo despite the terrifying slopes of the final: the pink shirt, needless to say, is still a business. Bernal, Still in good condition. From the start, the group has split into several divisions, but it is a group of 11 passengers, including Bennett, who left the rest of the cyclists behind. The peloton struggles to organize recoveries with sporadic attacks, but then appears to be accepting the growing divide in light of the truly extravagant mythical final stage. In Castello di Caneva – when the gap is around seven minutes – the first GPM race goes to Mollema and news of the tough climate arrives from the finish line. A group of seven athletes including Vlasov and Bernal accelerate and chase the first 11 less than 100 kilometers from the end of the break and are joined by others led by Evinbol. Aveni takes the flying finish line at Arta Terme and then leaves, as do Mosca and two other opponents: Seven remain in the lead about 10,000 meters from reaching Zoncolan.

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Traatnik He leads the group of fugitives with Oliveira, Mollima, Bonomar (who loses ground first), Bennett, Coffey and Fortunato, then behind the pink shirt group more than five turns are pressed into the clock. The last mentioned on the list is the only one who keeps pace with the Slovenian and does not lag behind like the others, but with cliff tops up to 27% on the horizon, anything can happen: up to thirty Stoics who have continued company with the general classification leader Bernal gnaw second steadfastly an ant. Behind him, Nibali and Walter stop believing in him, but before the 25-year-old from Bologna begins his solitary escape with ambitions of first place in Zonkolan. The group is clearly left behind Yates E. Bernal A thousand meters of super climb from the end, but Fortunato appears in the fog to deserve the stage, followed by a 30-second break before Tratnik and Covey. Off the podium, the stunning Bernal – who always wore a pink T-shirt – was backtracking all runaway cyclists and also taking off Yates, who finished sixth on arrival but is now second in the overall ranking after the Colombian, 1.33 inches late. Also an excellent guide on Caruso, Always in third at 1’51 ” and tenth at fracture, while Vlasov slips into fourth place: seventh Will be.