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The Mountain is back in vogue, a chance for hosts with Airbnb

The Mountain is back in vogue, a chance for hosts with Airbnb

After the missed opportunity on last year’s winter break, mountain communities need to leave more than ever. To help them seize home tourism opportunities, after the success of the rural bootcamp, Airbnb has introduced a new project: Winter Boot Camp will offer all those interested in becoming hosts free online lessons taught by experienced Airbnb hosts that will help those who are the first time approaching the hospitality world in home, while for local tourism promotion associations and bodies there are dedicated training programs for members, in cooperation with the National Federation of Municipalities and Mountain Authorities (UNCEM).

“UNCEM is honored to work with Airbnb in the mountainous regions and in major tourist destinations as well as in countries where building stock regeneration is also going through a new strategy of combining supply and demand. We must focus on training and the new cultural models that we will build together,” said Marco Busoni, President of UNCEM. .

Meanwhile, according to some indicators of seasonal tourism trends provided by Airbnb on the occasion of the 58th edition of TTG in Rimini, South Tyrol dominates the hospitality index, ranking traveler satisfaction based on five-star ratings, with Brunico over 90% of five-star ratings. Moreover, compared to 2019, bookings in September gave soothing cues and searching for an apartment in the major alpine resorts is enough to give an idea of ​​occupancy and prices during peak periods, especially between Christmas and New Years. In terms of prices, festive weeks see increases in the Veneto Dolomites that can reach 40%. Trentino-Alto Adige and the Lombard Mountains follow, while the Aosta Valley and Piedmont Alps show on average, even in very high season, lower values ​​per night.

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Giacomo Truffe, Airbnb’s Regional Director for Italy, explains that the mountain and its villages are naturally a tourist destination with an emergency and easily saturated offer – this provides a valuable opportunity for second homeowners to exploit an asset that is usually underutilized and increasingly expensive to maintain, allowing mountain communities year after year And half of it is difficult to obtain additional economic benefits without having to affect the consumption of more land.”

In the list of mountain destinations that presented in 2019 the greatest earning opportunities for hosts, there are:

Broil Cervinia
Cortina d’Ampezzo