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A rain of insults from followers

A rain of insults from followers

Vanessa Incontrada remove i Comments from his Instagram page After broadcasting the service section that it Ambra Angiolini. The service provided by Valerio Stavelli, in which the satirical news reporter delivers al-Tapiro and jokes about Allegri’s betrayal of the actress, was not liked by many people. Even less impressed with Incontrada’s attitude, he is grinning and ready to joke about the film’s launch.

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For several years now, the broadcaster has been fighting for a woman’s right to be herself. She has been fighting for some time against the physical shame of which she herself was a victim and which she repeatedly admitted was a difficult and painful moment in her life that she was able to overcome with various aids. Precisely for this reason, many users accused her of being a hypocrite, and did not accept that she, to some extent becoming a woman’s hero, mocked a woman in a moment of pain and fragility.

The rain of negative comments and insults prompted Vanessa to close the comments on her profile, waiting for this moment of great controversy to pass. And some are still waiting for his clarifications in this regard, and who knows that they will not arrive in the next few days.

Last update: Friday, October 15, 2021 at 12:47

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