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The Miami IP runs from the United States to Italy

The Miami IP runs from the United States to Italy

Filippo Brusa dedicates episode 101 of Montolo Gallop to new teammates Pavlo Romanelli, Fierro Salusolia and Luca Kattai

The cover of episode number 101 of Montolo Gallop lends credit Tario Varkey, Winner, Sunday, June 6, a ride unbeaten Yulaila, The only classic of the Italian Ox, the national calendar, won 59 days after the fall of Florence, in which he received a break with four ribs and microfractors in the acetabulum (pit). In the bones of the femur, which express the head of the femur).
Filippo Brusa So dedicates the transfer to the new team Miami IP They talk Paulo Romanelli, Heir of the dynasty Rules And founder Slope-foot horse management, And two partners Fioro salusolia e Luca Kattai.
Three, supported by other partners, of which the dog stands alone குந்தர், Now the famous German shepherd of the Python Pharmacist Marricio Mian, They bought three horses at Ekala’s auction, relying on the agent’s advice Emmanuel de Xerox And his wife Laura: Arsenio (Daredevil), Of Lidov (Map of Liam) e White wolf (Street Sense) Are already headquartered in Italy, Rome Agostino Afi, Which will make its debut starting next September.

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