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Luciano Punzo’s analysis of fellow adventurers – Big Brother VIP

It’s a quiet evening in the most spy house in Italy e Lucianojust entered, makes some important notes with the form Nikita.

VIP reviews all his new fellow adventurers and starts his analysis by talking about VIP Wilma. For Luciano, the singer is a wonderful woman with a temperament and a strong personality who says what she thinks without filters and fears “I can learn a lot from her” Explains the form.

immediately after exposure Luca Salatino “He is a good giant, sensitive and romantic” Luciano confidently states, admits to seeing a sincere and straightforward person in VIP, if he has a problem, he goes to the person concerned to discuss and clarify it immediately.

Luciano continues his assessment and talks about Attilio. For a VIP, a journalist is a beautiful person with a beautiful mind to whom you can compare yourself and learn a lot. Then came the turn of Daniele, who for Luciano is a sensitive person and only opens up to whomever he wants, and if the discussion does not concern him or does not interest him, he goes away in silence.

Finally, for Onestini, VIP claims to be a very sunny, cheerful boy full of contagious happiness but at the same time very strategic and competitive.

Luciano, far from the important figures, continues to analyze his fellow adventurers, but what will the participants think firsthand?

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