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The main pitfalls of the United States and Mexico for South Korea - OA Sport

The main pitfalls of the United States and Mexico for South Korea – OA Sport

the Ladies Archery Arrangement Tour, valid for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, officially went into the archives with expected superiority South Korea. San An, Kang Chae Young, and Minhee Jang put on a show, taking the top three individual points and reducing Jamal’s 56 points (at team level) to second place in the standings.

However, the Olympic tournament format offers knockout challenges through the so-called Set system for medal allocation, so surprises are always close by and nothing can be taken for granted. However, the Korean trio remains a clear contender for the title (they will be the ninth in a row in that event at the Games), with the main pitfalls represented by Mexico, the United States and Taipei.

However, these three formations are located at the bottom of the board, and therefore they can cross South Korea at most in the final (for gold or bronze). Italy, on the other hand, is listed at the top of the scoreboard, with the first round approaching Great Britain and following up a potential nightmare quarter-final with the Koreans.


South Korea (1)
Italy (8)– Great Britain (9)

China (5) – Belarus (12)
Japan (4)

United States (3)
Russia (6) – Ukraine (11)

Taipei (7) – Germany (10)
Mexico (2)

Foto: Global Archery

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