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The latest news from Rome on 08-08-2022 at 09:10

romadailynews radiogiornale Monday August 8 Good morning from Francesco Vitale Field I wanted to give you the standard PD Enrico Letta loses a piece of work to Carlo Calenda who was from the fact that the center left was one of the promoters was one of the promoters was one of the most painful decisions Details of the green procedures Mirandola’s decision the agreements made by the PD With Italian left Ferdi Di Maio and Tabachi Lida going on while Calenda can try to reclaim space in the middle with Matteo Renzi talking about the great opportunity he called today The trend for more Europe is now part of the Bonino agreement, and I think it’s not a serious change of opinion all three days. 10:30 pm in Italy, but for at least half an hour the missiles continued to sound the sirens, then silence finally returned to the sector for the first tombstone, as the operation achieved the Asia meeting goals for this Egypt’s mediation was accepted if there was a fire Sarah violated The Prince of Israel reserves the right to act with the door Audi A3 of US President Joe Biden tells ‘The Hague’ fears of attacks on Zaporozhye nuclear power plant Ukrainian Russians accuse each other Ukrainian family head warns of preliminary referendum removing occupied territories from Russia Will try to place occupied territories temporarily In the south and with the help of the so-called referendum and then the shops will be closed in our country, said in the full evening message I received last night, the Ukrainian President received by the American actress Jessica Chastain thanks her for the delay in supporting the first ship with the remaining grain from Odessa. Climate change On the fiscal front, inflation was capped with 51 votes in favour, 50 votes in. Democrats rarely win thanks to Vice President Kamala Harris’ decisive green-light vote victory for President Joe Biden In Italy, the scientific community gathers signatures on a pen calling for environmental issues to be fully integrated Crucial electoral platforms should return to normal as of today. Supply halted in Courmayeur due to landslide in Val Ferret amid inconvenience and protests by tourists already closed instead of emergency due to another fire on Karst Finally under control, the A4 motorway has already reopened in both directions from tomorrow it must return The rail traffic is back to normal, the weather is still bad in the north especially in Piedmont where a tree fell due to strong winds on a taxi killing the driver, let’s turn the page, let’s go to the Sports Goal Show and Solidarity with Roma de Mourinho at the Olympic Stadium Against Shakhtar Donetsk, the Giallorossi won a friendly match with Senkoy Terry in a stadium where Donato’s all-earning season sees other guests applauding the Ukrainian anthem in other friendly matches. The victory for Milan won 4 0 for Juventus with Atlético de Madrid and we stop here continuing the good listening.
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