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Where will the most severe thunderstorms strike in the next two days?

Where will the most severe thunderstorms strike in the next two days?

This is the overall situation expected in the early hours of Wednesday 10 August:

High pressure will lead to its maximum in the direction of central and northern Europe. So Italy will be exposed to The flow of cold currents from the north-east that will nourish Thunderstorms mainly in the center and south.

The second map shows the expected storms in Italy tomorrow, Tuesday 9 August:

Except for Tuscany and much of Sardinia, the rest of central and southern Italy will be targeted Even severe thunderstorms. The phenomena will be more severe in the interiorbut with coastal encroachment very likely.

in the north except for Some thunderstorms in the Western Alps, The weather will be sunny and warm all day long.

This is the forecast for storms Wednesday 10 August:

Thunderstorms in many central and southern regions With phenomena also on the sea between Sicily and Sardinia. Absence of phenomena in Tuscany, Umbria and Upper Lazio. In the north is sunny apart Some thunderstorms in the Alps It fades in the evening.

Temperatures drop in the center and south, and steady in the north.

Always check predictions Detailed and specific to your cityAnd the continuously updated:

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