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The joy of the gift and the right social turning point

The government with an aid decree bis in August runs many innovations and some of them are really rich and important for workers.

Let’s try to understand what is happening and see what happens to the reward of up to a thousand euros for workers.


First of all, the government interferes with pensions. In fact, pensions are increased as equality progresses.

Lots of news and there is a bonus

In fact, at the beginning of each year there is a file Adjustment to inflation.


So at the beginning of each year there is an increase in the pension due precisely to the need to adjust it with the increase in the prices. However, this adjustment should have been made In January 2023. But the government saw fit to bring it to the fall. So with the arrival of autumn you must have Equation advance. But the most powerful aid is certainly to employees. In fact, employees have touched a nice increase in their salary that can reach 144 euros per month.

Increases and bonuses for some

Actually on a paycheck 2000 euros per month, the total increase will be only 144 euros per month until the end of the year. The increase is obviously proportional to the salary, so the higher the salary And the higher the increase, the stronger. But the new €1,000 bonus is also in play. This €1,000 bonus is available to all vulnerable workers over the period In 2021 they could not realize everything that the law required them to reach the threshold.

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How to order 1000 euros

Indeed, if during 2021 the vulnerable worker cannot get everything he is entitled to Since he has already reached his maximum compensation, INPS recognizes this one-time bonus of 1,000 euros. Therefore it is a one-time payment and therefore cannot be ordered continuously. An application for the €1,000 bonus for vulnerable workers must be submitted to INPS by November. This is certainly an important and moral reward which does not at all conflict with the new salary increases stipulated in the August Decree.