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Men and women, do you remember Niccol Ferrari, Nilufar Adati’s fiancé and charisma? Here’s how to “stay” today

A descendant of the Ferrari family was involved in both men and women and was deeply disappointed. where have you been?

Nicolo Ferrari certainly for those who don’t know him, it’s not hard to understand what family he belongs to. His nickname is known all over the world, but he certainly owes his success and popularity to the small space he made on TV. The first time he made his small screen debut was when he participated in Riccanza, the program that talked about wealthy heirs live on MTV. Having decided to go down to court, Nilufar Adati, who was placed on the throne by Maria de Filippi, after being removed by Mattia Marciano. The boy lost his head for the beautiful Neapolitan but unfortunately his heart suggested that she choose his rival Giordano.

Nicolo Ferrari today. Here’s what happened to the Ferrari heiress

Nilofar decided to choose Giordano even though the trip with Niccol was really great. Take the girl to visit the exhibition of Monet’s paintings because the painter painted water lilies and this is the meaning of the girl’s name. How can we forget when he decided to take her to the Jovanotti party and all the other surprises that surprised tronista. Tina Sipolari was also cheering him on. He said that he had never seen a boy so polite before, and that he knew how to express himself well without offending anyone. But in the end, Nilufar did not choose him. Soon after the selection, it turned out that the girl was engaged while on her throne and Niccolo was almost relieved not to be chosen. In fact, he indicated that his rival, chosen by Nilufar, was actually a cuckold.

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After the couple participated in the Temptation Island Vip and Maria’s production decided to include Nicol among the seducers. Giordano was enraged with jealousy when he saw Nilofar having a civil affair with Ferrari and asked to set the comparison on fire. When the two left, Niccolo, who might have hoped the girl would get close to him, was disappointed again. But what happened to the beautiful Nicolo from that moment? After the island of Temptation, Niccol moved to France, where he found not only work, but also love. Now he no longer describes himself as that always good looking guy we’ve seen in men and women. He decides to pack his bags and leave for Thailand to try to stay alive at a bare minimum.

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