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"The hotel we're in is on fire."

“The hotel we’re in is on fire.”

Elisa de Ospina, Moments of panic in Rotterdam: “The hotel we were in was on fire,” what happened.

Elisa de Ospina, Moments of panic in Rotterdam: “The hotel we were in was on fire,” what happened. (Instagram source)

Big intimidation to Elisa de Ospina, In the middle of the night, prof Rotterdam. The famous curvy model is in the Dutch city to participate in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest Final, which will take place this evening, May 22. A few hours ago, an unexpected terrible event happened to Dusbina: His hotel, the Art Hotel, suddenly burst into flames. “We found the hotel evacuated (about 400 guests), ravings of sirens and staff at work to tame everything.” Next, D’Ospina’s detailed story, in a post published on her social channels.

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Elisa de Ospina, hotel fire in Rotterdam: photos taken in the middle of the night

The hotel caught fire last night Since we are staying here in Rotterdam. At first I felt some loud explosions and thought it was shooting. ”So begins the story of Elisa de Ospina, who crossed her Instagram channel about what happened in the past few hours in Rotterdam. A fire broke out on the third floor of his hotel with other journalists who had come to the Netherlands To attend the Eurovision Final. Moments of panic for Elsa, who made it clear that she initially did not understand what was happening, as no one told them: “We are on the eighth floor and looking for an emergency exit while no one tells us anything and the sirens go off.” Later, it is done. Sharing D’Ospina’s words in the post a short while ago:

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A post in which the model attached several pictures of the fire she took last night and published them directly in her stories:

Great horror for Elisa and the rest of the hotel guests, but luckily it all ended for the better. ”Big scary but luckily we’re here to talk about it. When we say Eurovision with great fanfare. “, Concluded D’Ospina, who, through comments on the post, reassures fans and colleagues, who are clearly worried about what happened.