Monday, July 22, 2024

Android, these apps can steal your data: delete it now!


a A new report released by Check Point Software It led to the discovery of a number of The apps can be downloaded for free from the Android Play Store, Which could put users’ personal data at risk. For this reason, they recommend uninstalling it.

According to what appears, the data collected and stored by the applications will be used by hackers to modify it, spreading malware, phishing links, as well as notifications and misleading content.

Inclusive, 23 Android apps have these security issuesOf these, 13 will run on real-time databases. Of concern that many of these might record millions of downloads, including:

  • Astro Guru: 10 million installations
  • iFax: It has been installed by more than 5 million people and 20,000 companies
  • Logo Maker: In addition to 170,000 downloads, it has access to usernames, account IDs, emails, and passwords
  • Screen recorder: Over 10 million downloads, which can monitor user activity
  • T’Leva: 50k downloads, able to get location data, full names and phone numbers

Researchers’ advice, in addition to uninstalling apps, is to use two-factor authentication, set a different password for each account, disable translation when not necessary, grant minimal permissions, and use services that report violations and compromised accounts.

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