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The former pilot, Emerson's brother, died in São Paulo

The former pilot, Emerson's brother, died in São Paulo

Farewell to the former Formula 1 driver, who died at the age of 80 after two difficult months due to suffocation that led to a heart attack on December 25.

Mourning in the world of Formula 1 The complete panorama of global motorsport. Wilson Fittipaldi died in São Paulo. Wilson is also survived by two-time world champion brother, Emerson, and father, Christian Three seasons as an F1 driveralso as founder of the Brazilian team CopperSucar.

Wilson Fittipaldi died

the Formula 1 And with him the entire international motorsport movement mourns him Wilson Fittipaldi dies. Former pilot He passed away today, March 23, 2024, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the age of 80.. The brother of two-time Formula 1 world champion Emerson Fittipaldi and father of Christian have died after two complicated months that began last Christmas with… suffocation Because of a bite of meat that caused him a Cardiac arrest They forced him to remain bedridden in a Sao Paulo hospital.

His first appearance in karts and his arrival in Formula 1

Wilson began competing in Karting during the 1960s Together with Emerson, he then climbed, without difficulties and accidents, the stages towards Formula 1, which he reached. 1972 World Cup One drive Brabham. His debut at the Spanish Grand Prix as a replacement for Carlos Reutemann was more than positive, finishing seventh as an absolute rookie. However, the points area remained taboo that season. The following year confirmation arrived, but the single-seater failed to give him satisfaction due to poor reliability.

Adventure with CopperSucar

The relationship with Brabham ended at the end of that second year. After a year's break, Wilson Fittipaldi He returned to the track in 1975He did this with the stable that he founded, which is… CopperSucar. However, the green and gold theme did not bring satisfaction. Thus his brother Emerson Fittipaldi became involved and managed the team until 1982 under the name 'Fitipaldi'. After the disaster of last season, Wilson returned to Brazil, and rarely reached the track Stock cars.

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Return to the scene thanks to his son Christian

Returning to the spotlight between the eighties and nineties with the support of Son Christianan F1 driver with Minardi and Footwork Arrows, is with him In 1994 he also won an award A thousand Brazilian miles. In 2004, Wilson returned to Brazil to take over as team manager WB Motorsport He was involved in Stock Cars until his well-deserved retirement. In 2020, Overcome a brain hemorrhage Since then he has never stopped attending car events and festivals in his country, often in the company of Emerson.