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The first sound from Mars with creativity "bang" listened - space and astronomy

The first sound from Mars with creativity “bang” listened – space and astronomy

Finally, the buzz of creativity can be heard flying over Mars: NASA actually released an audio recording of the fourth flight on April 30th recorded by a microphone from the Perseverance Rover, which became the first spacecraft to capture the sounds of another spacecraft during a mission to a planet. else. Despite being 80 meters away, the rover was able to record the faint noise of the drone blades, which NASA technicians isolated and raised the volume for to better distinguish them from the breaths of the wind sweeping through the Jezero crater. . With that sound, we are entering a new dimension of red planet exploration, as on Friday (21:26 Italian time) Ingenuity will attempt its fifth flight: It will be a one-way flight of 110 seconds, which will take it to a new landing site.

According to the NASA program, Ingenuity will take off from the airport designated for the Wright brothers, just like previous flights: It will rise to five meters in altitude and move southward, following the same route as last week’s fourth flight. It will cover 129 meters, but instead of returning to the starting point like other times, it will attempt to climb up to 10 meters (a new record) to take color and black and white photos. After 110 seconds into the flight, it will land at a new location to start a new phase of the business, aimed at demonstrating its ability to support other missions. In this way, the drone would ideally follow the same steps as the Wright brothers, who at the beginning of the twentieth century, after some test flights, began evaluating the practical applications of their technology until the first flight with a passenger, showing the possibility of exploration from an aerial perspective. To see the result of the new Ingenuity project, it will be necessary to wait for the data to arrive on Earth, scheduled for Saturday at 1:31 AM Italian time.

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