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Back and forth between Horner and Wolf

Red Bull has hijacked some Mercedes engine technicians to boost the engine sector. Between Horner and Wolf no argument now.

Toto Wolf e Christian Horner (Getty Images)

After the announcement of farewell to Honda To Formula 1 by the end of the 2021 tournament, the Red Bull He had to move to find a solution. He could have asked other engine manufacturers, but he preferred to go it alone.

Milton Keynes’ team acquired the intellectual property for Honda’s electric units and set up the division Red Bull Powertrains. He will take care of the engines at home, whose development will in any case be “frozen” from 2022.

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Red Bull F1, Horner commented on the “purchases” of Mercedes

Chris Horner
Chris Horner (Getty Images)

The Austrian-English team in recent weeks took technicians from Mercedes To reinforce the engine section. Six very important personalities have arrived, starting with the new Art Director Ben Hodgkinson. Yesterday five other people joined central roles to work in power units.

Chris Horner The Red Bull team manager spoke to Sky Sports about his team’s “signature campaign”: “I think it’s inevitable. Our factory is just 30 miles from Brixworth where Mercedes manufactures their engines in the UK, because they know there is talent there. We are happy with the amount of technique we have followed, it is important to put the right people in the right places. We’ve had some success in attracting some great talent. No one was forced to work where he did not want to be».

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Tutu Wolf, Always Sky SportsIn turn, he commented on the loss of some Mercedes technicians who ended up in a competing team:What they did is clear. In the UK there is a plant that produces engines and it is ours. Their project is to climb Everest and I like to fight against the Red Bull engines. We have 900 employees and I think they reached out to about 100 people and maybe it took 15».