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Amici: ballerina professionista fuori. Litigio in diretta con Maria De Filippi. Ecco chi è

Friends: a professional dancer outside. The quarrel lives with Maria de Felipe. This is what it is

friends, A professional dancer outside. Live fight with Maria de Felipe. This is what it is

she is Anbita, Well-known protagonist Friends 2002. For years she has been a professional dancer for full editions of friends.

Suddenly, then, Anbita Disappeared from Channel 5. what happened?

Today at 41 Anbita She can claim to have fulfilled her dream as a ballerina: in recent years she has played important roles in Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker and Copilia and has tried her hand at various work experiences.

She left Anbeta friends Both because he wanted to dedicate himself to his career and also because he was in a clash Maria de FelipeAnd the Who did not fail to indicate that she did not appreciate some of her methods: “Everyone who does my job – he said – has a different level, you should make comments at home and not in front of a twenty year old boy. I respect professional dancers and find you very good, but every now and then you leave yourself in the comments. Especially Ante Anbita. Don’t be.” The star that takes and goes. “

A statement that Ambita did not understand him and preferred to leave the program.

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