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The delta variant grows in Europe.  Three versions available

The delta variant grows in Europe. Three versions available

A must-read figure, however, in the context of our system’s poor ability to sequence, observers have decried it many times and in unison. If you are looking for a little you will find a little, simplify the speech as much as possible. a second Financial Times estimates, inspired by entries in the Gisaid database, its presence in Italy will now be 26% with 2% of sequenced samples

The degree of protection of vaccines

At this point, there are three open questions for you to stop trading this variant in Italy.

The first point is the ability of vaccines to Delta protection The first data seem to indicate greater protection after the second dose, especially in terms of reducing hospitalizations and deaths, notes Giuseppe Arbia, professor of economic statistics at the Catholic University of Rome.

Secondly, it is necessary to resume tracing and do sequencing. Finally, we must continue to avoid gatherings.

Next sequence network

The change of pace is the Istituto Superiore di Sanità announcing an integrated network of sequence: An essential tool for controlling the trading of variables.

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