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Tommaso Zorzi

Tommaso Stanzani graduated Zorzi: “Very good my love”

“Very well, dear.” Zorzi comments on a diploma Tommaso Stanzanidancer friends. columnistFamous Island The artist has become very close in recent weeks and their relationship, which has been kept secret, has been revealed by a series of clues.

After the adventure in sending Maria de FilippiAnd the stanzani Face maturity. An important milestone for the dancer who shared an Instagram post on her Celebrate with parents, between laughter and unrefined sparkling wine. “I have to be honest, going back to school after so many months wasn’t easy at all – wrote on Instagram -. I had just left Amici and didn’t even have time to understand what was happening, I was going back to my office with three questions a day He added that it was not easy to get everything back, but fortunately my parents insisted, and with the help of some teachers I was able to get here. I have finally completed my journey which started 5 years ago, and going back I can say that I am finally mature.”

Unfortunately, Zorzi was unable to celebrate with Tommaso Stanzani. In fact, the influencer is on vacation with His sister and mother are in PiedmontBut don’t forget to compliment the dancer. “Bravissimo, my love”, the beautiful comment appeared under the post of the artist I have been associated with for some time Zorzi.

The two met after trying Tommaso’s ad friends And an interview of the dancer with Verissimo. To take the first step, Zorzi posted some comments on Instagram, expressing his appreciation for the dancer. Then Secret meetings in Milan And, finally, messages on social networks that did not escape fans.

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While Zorzi is new from a long TV season Рfrom GF VIP toFamous Island but for point Z Taking a break from work, Tommaso Stanzani is ready to fly on the small screen. Dancer Amici was actually chosen to be part of the artistic cast of Live broadcast 2021. The show will be broadcast on Italia Uno and hosted by Elisabetta Gregoracci and Alan Palmieri, and will feature 80 singers in sixteen Polynesian cities. Stanzani will take the stage with great artists, from Fedez and Orietta Berti to Nina Zilli, Mahmood, Rocco Hunt, Loredana Bert̬ and Bob Sinclair.

Tommaso Stanzani

Tommaso Stanzani