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"The decree is ready from tomorrow...".  The movement that cuts the bills - Libero Quotidiano

“The decree is ready from tomorrow…”. The movement that cuts the bills – Libero Quotidiano

Transfer Georgia Meloni to lower Dear Bills Which brings Italian families and companies to their knees: “In two weeks, we have released 30 billion to calm down and cover the cost of bills. We have secured the fabric of production and tomorrow will be the decree allocating the first nine billion in the Cabinet .. Stop speculation is necessary .. We are fighting this battle too “, The Prime Minister announced in a post on Twitter.

Regarding pensions, Giorgia Meloni clearly stated that she “risks being non-existent” in the future. “At this moment”, according to what was learned from the news agency’s sources, the Prime Minister said, “the priority of the priorities is work, the great Italian importance.” Meloni continued: “Italy has one of the lowest employment rates in the West, one of the lowest rates of female employment, and one of the highest rates of undeclared work. We are in the midst of an international social crisis, emerging from the pandemic, there is an ongoing energy crisis, an increase in the cost of raw materials, Inflation close to 10 percent, wages often insufficient, pensions low today, and pensions of the future at risk of not being there.”

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