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Revenue agencies, heavy fines in 2022: who risks


When Italian taxpayers pay taxes and bills, they must be very careful not to run into high fines years later


In addition to taxes, bills and taxes, 2022 will also result in heavy fines for some Italians who have made a specific mistake in paying bills or taxes in recent years.

When we pay a bill or tax, we think we have to rest assured, but in reality this is not the case. Paying a debt to the state, the public administration, a private entity, is really only Half the taxpayer’s job.

Revenue Agency: Who Risks 2022


Most Italians diligently pay taxes and bills before they expire, and therefore think they are in good standing. In fact, to comply with the law, it is not enough to pay bills, subscriptions and taxes but it is also necessary Show proof of payment Proof is required.

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Every citizen should actually Keep your payment receipts carried out over a long period of time 5 to 10 yearsAs per the receipt. Those who did not keep the documents for the expected times made a big mistake because it is the debtor who bears the burden of proof of payment and the creditor proves the maturity date of the debts for which he can demand payment.

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the civil law In Article 1218 it clearly states that Proof of payment is the responsibility of the debtor. Precisely for this reason, the debtor must keep documents proving payment for a period established by law. Storage times vary depending on documents: for some at least 10 years, while for others a 5 year period.

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For mobile phone bills, RAI charges, bank and postal statements, the time frame for keeping aAt least 5 years. Same timing for documents proving tax return payment, vehicle tax, electric, gas, IMU and TARI utility bills. So over the next year, taxpayers can receive requests to pay bills, taxes and various taxes Up to 10 years. The burden of proof rests with the debtor.


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