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The Walt Disney Company Centennial Celebrations

The Walt Disney Company Centennial Celebrations

Disney will celebrate the stories and characters of the first 100 years throughout 2023: discover the initiatives planned for the centenary.

Eleonora Redazione

October 16, 2023 will happen 100 years Since the day Walt and his brother Roy first introduced the world to the magic of Disney, bringing wonders into the lives of millions of people. Special initiatives and events are planned in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to celebrate The Walt Disney Company’s Centenary.

Starting in January 2023, a rich program of exclusive experiences, concerts and festive product collections, celebrates the first century of Disney in Italy too: stories and characters that have brought the magic of Disney over 100 years to the lives of millions of people.

The celebrations will also include the European Tour Disney100: The Concert, a series of concerts that will trace the most famous music in Disney history. The only Italian theater was set on May 13, 2023 in the exclusive venue of the Verona Stadium.

Disney 100 concert tickets in Verona in 2023

How will Disney celebrate its centenary

Below are Disney100 activities planned for the whole of 2023.

Disney100: The Concert

Disney will tour Europe with hollywood sound orchestra, to give life to Disney100 through a series of concerts that emulate the most famous music in Disney history. The tour will include songs from films such as Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins and Encanto, as well as songs from the Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel worlds.

The live multimedia experience will include the screening of some legendary scenes from the films, accompanied by live performances by solo artists and orchestras.

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The European Tour will start on April 13 in Kiel (Germany) and will also include a stop in Italy on May 13, 2023 In the famous square of Verona.

Disney100: The Show

Disney100: The Show It aims to make guests experience a timeless journey, through the most beloved stories, capable of enchanting the world from 1923 to today. Disney will open the treasure chest to display hundreds of unusual historical pieces, including more than 250 original drawings rarely seen on other occasions, antiques, costumes, props, and other memorabilia.

Disney100: The show will start in February 2023 in the US, in Philadelphia, then stops in Chicago, Illinois and Kansas City along with several soon to be announced cities. The first European leg will be in Monaco on April 18th and then continue across Europe. In London Disney100: The show will take place at ExCeL in the fall of 2023.

Disney100 – Friends Forever

To honor 100 years of wonderful couples, brave friendships and inseparable companions, Disney will open the doors to an immersive multi-sensory experience, designed for children and young adults of Generation Z who want to celebrate the campaign. Disney100 – Friends Forever.

The event, which will start in London, will allow groups of friends to venture into more than 1,000 square meters of experiences and facilities divided into 4 rooms: Alice in Wonderland, Lilo and Stitch, The Lion King and Mickey and his friends. Immersed in the worlds of their beloved characters, visitors will be able to celebrate their friendships and build new and amazing memories.

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Disney100 – Let’s Play!

Disney100 Let’s Play! It will celebrate 100 years of characters, stories and products that highlight the unique ability of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic to help parents create shared experiences with their children.

The global campaign aims to encourage families to spend more time playing together, and to help parents and teachers integrate play into everyday moments.

Disneyland Paris

After the thirtieth anniversary celebrations of Disneyland Paris, Disney100 will also include the premium resort. Here the celebrations will kick off with an exclusive moment during the New Year celebrations and continue with a year full of surprises. On October 16, 2023, the date set for the centenary celebration, guests will be able to participate in a unique entertainment program: live performances of various Disney characters and exclusive activities throughout the day. After October 16, many other new activities are planned at Disneyland Paris for the Disney 100 celebrations.

# ShareTheWonder

To celebrate Disney100, in 2023, Disney will encourage fans to share their favorite Disney moments on social media # ShareTheWonder And the #Disney 100. Over the first 100 years of its history, Disney has brought magic everywhere. From the rich cultural heritage of storytelling, which includes the creation of the first animated short film with synchronized sound in 1928, Steamboat Willie, and the first feature-length animated film, with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs debuting in 1939, to the opening of Disneyland that allowed For fans around the world to immerse themselves in magic.